Payroll Jewelry is a fine jewelry purchase program that offers you a brilliant way to shop through easy payroll deductions.

Since 1979, we've empowered employees to purchase a range of high quality fine jewelry including Engagement Rings, Mens & Ladies Rings, Diamond Bracelets, Gold Chains, Diamond Earrings and more. All through the ease and convenience of predictable fixed payments.

With Payroll Jewelry you can:

1 - Shop genuine fine jewelry
2 - Get your order up front
3 - Pay over one year or less, right from your paycheck

See If You're Eligible


Shopping with Payroll Jewelry allows you to have easy fixed payments without having to pay interest through traditional financing or credit cards. Unlike layaway, you'll get your order up front (after your first payroll payment). You'll simply make payments based on how often you get paid.

All of our products are made with genuine diamonds and gold. Eligible customers get 66% OFF with zero interest payroll deducted for up to one year. Payroll deductions start at only $30/week or $60/biweekly depending on how often you get paid.

Your spending limit and eligibility are determined by a number of factors including your employer, how long you've worked at your current job, annual salary and previous purchase history.

No Credit Check | No Interest | No Hidden Fees

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